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Ed Key: Proteus


Proteus is an extremely beautiful game, which will be there to play for a while at Bit of Alright. It’s filled with naturalistic interactions and stripped down forms. I’ve played through several different builds of Proteus, and each time found them slightly more mesmerising, both through the procedurally generated terrain and the intentionally scripted events. Cause and effect aren’t always apparent, with the effect of making me feel a little superstitious about my actions within the game. Some action I assumed caused something can quickly becomes a habit, even if it was unrelated. It’s a beautiful, abstract, and supremely relaxing thing. Fuck realism, this is the closest I’ve come to the feeling of a walk in the countryside whilst sat at my computer.

Developer Ed Key will be there with it, and he’ll also be answering questions during Ricky Haggett’s session.

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