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Feral Vector 2015 is shaping up to be a riotous collection of game creators, thing creators, writers, musicians, artists and trouble makers. Here’s everyone we’ve announced so far; read more about them on the Speakers2015 tag, view the full schedule here, or look below to see just a tiny bit of their work.

Meg Jayanth (80 Days)
Mark Foster (Titan Souls)
Chelsea Saunders (Babi Glo)
Jazz Mickle (DOOM mods)
Marie Foulston (Victoria & Albert Museum, Wild Rumpus)
William Pugh (The Stanley Parable, Birdball)
Dominik Johann (Birdball, LAZA KNITEZ!)
Tammy Nicholls (Running Monsters vs. Villagers; also graphic design lead at Games Workshop)
Kevin Patterson (Artist, The Kevin Patterson Experience)
Dick Hogg (Artist and designer, Hohokum, Wild Rumpus)
Holly Gramazio (Game designer)
Alex Johansson (MakeyMakey workshop)
Kerry Turner (Heartwood)
Tom Betts (Sir, You are Being Hunted; proc gen and digital arts)
Graham T Spence (Time is an Island, with Ste Curran)
Eliott Johnson and Matthew Warshaw (A Light In Chorus)
Kaylea Mitchem (Fanclub)
Lee Nicholls (Digital/events producer, graphic designer, zine maker)
Adam Dixon (Game designer/producer)
Charlotte Gore (Super Lefty Righty)
Ed Key (Proteus)
Gareth Briggs (Games and politics; game designer)
Harry Giles (Performer and poet)
George Buckenham (Twitter bot workshop, Wild Rumpus)
Derek Hales and Rob Lycett (Guy Debord’s Game of War)
Dr. Kim Foale (Art of Noises)
Niall Moody (Encrypted, the history of encryption and secret codes)