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Archive for the ‘2016’ Category

Photos and First Speakers for FV 2017

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Last year was really busy, and included the best Feral Vector we’ve ever run. A month ago, we announced just the dates for Feral Vector 2017, and in that month, have sold about 90% of the number of tickets we sold in total last year. Thank you all for your support. We’ve a feeling this is going to be another good one and, for now at least, Feral Vector has found a home in Hebden Bridge. Early tickets for FV2017 end today.

Feral Vector 2016

Photos of 2016 are on Flickr, with some highlights below. We’re also pleased to confirm some of our first speakers, doers, showers and all round great people for 2017. They include:

Katy Marshall
Alex Johansson
Thryn Henderson
Kat Brewster
Jerry Belich
Charlotte Gore
Amran Anjum.

Amran will be this year’s Bastard in Residence. Thryn will be doing something about quiet places to sit in videogames and the real world. We don’t know precisely what Kat will be speaking on yet, but we trust her with our lives. Humblegrove will be showing something new and special related to 29:

Humble Grove - 29

Katy, Alex, Charlotte and Jerry are extraordinary makers of alt-controllers. Specifically, among many other projects Jerry is the brain behind one of our all time favourites, Choosatron. You may have seen Charlotte‘s custom Super Lefty-Righty controller in 2015, and, right this very second as I type, next to me Katy and Alex are exhibiting this magnificent game called Vaccination:

Vaccination - Katy Marshall and Alex Johansson

Don’t forget to get a ticket, early tickets end tonight. Some of our favourite 2016 photos are after the jump, or you can see them all on Flickr.


Announcing: The Wicker Jam

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Part of doing Feral Vector in Hebden Bridge is access to good outdoor space: it’s right next to Nutclough, with its woods, wildflowers, ponds, footpaths, and remnants of Victorian industrial architecture. Adam Dixon will be running BUSINESS YEAR 2000, a LARP you can find a little more about on the schedule. We want to make even more use of it though, so: The Wicker Jam.

The Wicker Jam

You’ve probably taken part in a game jam, right? What would you make if you didn’t have a computer, could only use things you found, and instead of an office or computer lab, you were all in the woods? Folk games, of course! Jonathan Whiting will be running The Wicker Jam, a single afternoon game jam about folk games made entirely from found things. Think stones, twigs, leaves and flowers.

We massively encourage designers to make site specific games, and we’ll be doing our damndest to document them in some way. Inspiration is great, but please do not actually build a giant wicker person then sacrifice someone in it. As well as not being much fun for that one specific person, we’re pretty sure it would violate several health and safety regulations and the code of conduct. It’s a public space; there are going to be a few people walking their dogs or playing with their kids.

Day tickets are still available, and from this moment on come with a solid gold guarantee that you will not become a human sacrifice.

(I’d like to thank Jonathan for stepping up to run this, and Ste Curran for letting me bounce thoughts back and forth after this name popped into my head a few weeks ago).


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The bad old days, but nothing much has changed about game development. In this fly on the wall videogame studio documentary, any resemblance to Peters living or dead is entirely coincidental.