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Exhibit: JIF Gallery

Dr. Kim Foale has spoken at Feral Vector before, and this year, will be exhibiting something visual: JIF Gallery.

There’s more to it than shows in this early prototype video.

Kim says:

I have fond memories of the cabinets and surfaces covered in trinkets, curios and ornaments in my grandparents’ house as a child. These objects seem out of place and time: from the exceedingly naff to the hopelessly ornate, it can be hard to understand other peoples’ attachments to sentimental items.

What will we be wishing to store for posterity when we’re old? Many fond moments on the internet are sharing gifs with friends — as trivial as it seems these are things we now often reference in conversation or make an special effort to send to a friend. It’s also likely we will be awash in cheap computer parts from a few more decades of disposable-by-design computing.

We’re creating a cabinet of curiosity of these Jolly Interesting Files (JIFs) for people to contribute to. We’re looking for donations of older smartphones to help make this a reality. And please, send your favourite dog gif to jollyinterestingfiles [@] gmail [dot] com

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