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Venue, and First Speakers

Crypt on the Green

We can now reveal exactly where Feral Vector is going to be: The Crypt on the Green. It’s a beautiful brick vaulted structure in Clerkenwell, where we’ll be holding all of the talks and workshops. Speaking of which, here’s our first programming announcement too:

Tammy Nicholls (Lead Graphic Designer, Games Workshop), Worldbuilding
Jazz Mickle, TRAINS
Christos Reid, personal games
Alice O’Connor (News Editor, Rock Paper Shotgun), readme.txt
Alex May, Tai Chi

… and many more to be revealed.

Some of these will be talks, some will be workshops, and some might be both, but they’ll all touch on games and game design. Alice O’Connor runs a fascinating tumblr about readme files, and elaborates more on it here. Alex May is currently making Starboretum and thinks about the influence Tai Chi has on his game development practice. Tammy Nicholls is graphic design lead at Games Workshop, and delivers excellent worldbuilding workshops via Thesis Industries. Christos Reid has made a lot of small, personal games, and Jazz Mickle, as well as her boundless excitement, has significant things to say about trains in games.

There’s plenty more to announce, but we’re sitting on it for now. Get your tickets over at Eventbrite.

Gratuitous train

(Gratuitous train cropped from CC image by Ilya)

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