Feral Vector
Based in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

Founding date:
January 2012


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Feral Vector is a festival about making games and game-like things. Accessible to all, it features live games, videogames, board games, talks, workshops, performances, walks, and anything else the people invited to present think would be useful and maybe fun. Feral Vector is held in inspiring places.



Feral Vector began in 2012 and was instigated in response to most conference formats being sometimes inappropriate for videogames. We learn about game design by playing and critiquing, and also by pushing at the limits of what games are and what they do, not simply by listening to people speak from a stage. The most valuable lessons are often not in a conference room. Previous speakers/doers for Feral Vector have included Cara Ellison, Mike Bithell, Marie Foulston, Hannah Nicklin, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, Dan Marshall, Ed Key, Holly Gramazio, and Cliff Harris.

In 2015, Feral Vector moved from London to the town of Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. It's the first place we've been able to encourage game creators to get away from screens and go outside, and really helps in the cause of exposing videogames to diverse, outside influences.


Feral Vector Director David Hayward: YouTube

One of the talks from Stubnitz: YouTube



There are far more images available for Feral Vector, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Selected Quotes

  • "I love Feral Vector, it's bit odd, it's very silly, it's a lot of things other game events aren't. David Hayward knows how to put on a show."
    - Mike Bithell, Independent Developer, bithellgames.com
  • "Feral Vector is one of the kindest and strangest of all the games events - and somehow, even though every year I look at the schedule and get excited, there's always something unexpected I barely even noticed in the programme that ends up as my very favourite part."
    - Holly Gramazio, Game Designer, hollygramazio.net
  • "Feral Vector’s commitment to diversity and its use of atypical venues have been a huge source of inspiration"
    - Lorenzo Pilia, Programme manager for AMAZE Berlin, lorenzo.pilia.it/
  • "Feral Vector is bold, intimate and thoughtful. And warm. And unique. I always leave inspired"
    - Kerry Turner, Developer, The Rabbit Club
  • "Has less yap and more do"
    - Mike Rose (Indiegames.com editor at the time, now: TinyBuild Games),
  • "It is my conviction that some of the worst places on the planet happen to be videogame events. Expos, festivals, whatever. Unfortunately my job as a person who makes videogames gives me occasion to be in these odious places and, as I stumble, bewildered and dehydrated through endless halls of violent pornography I often find myself wishing I was in Hebden Bridge at Feral Vector instead."
    - Richard Hogg, Artist (Hohokum), h099.com

Feral Vector is a YMPT project http://www.ympt.co.uk.


David Hayward
Festival Director

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