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First Speakers/Doers/Things for 2016

BOOOOM! Feral Vector is back. In case you didn’t see yet, tickets are available right this very second from ti.to. We have a whole heap of exciting things planned for Feral Vector this year.

Emily Short will be speaking about interactive narrative structures, and Humble Grove will be showing their new, beautiful point-and-click thing 29, of which here are some incredible gifs:

Humble Grove: 29; bedroom gif

Here’s a bathroom, and here’s a rather large gif showing an exterior, so we’re linking it instead (more of their work on tumblr and twitter).

Local multiplayer game Flat Heroes will be playable there (it’s being crafted in Manchester, which I guess makes it local local multiplayer?), as well as Team Lazer Beam‘s Wrestling With Emotions. Can you create a pro wrestler and find their perfect match?

Team Lazer Beam: Wrestling With Emotions

We also particularly want to focus on making stuff this year. TO THAT END:

The fantastic Dominik Johann will also return to do things with cardboard, much like he did last year, and following on from his talk about maps and memory last year, Graham Spence will be doing something that involves building physical landscapes. Expect to hear about all of these things, and more, in detail soon.

Adam Dixon is also designing a LARP: BUSINESS YEAR 2000. It’s the grim apocalyptic future, the Angel Investors left a very long time ago, but we can bring them back. We just have to don our clip on ties and become the best at doing the rituals…

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