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We have a heap of thanking to do, and a few links to pieces people have put up about Feral Vector. We thought it would be worthwhile to do a thing in a beautiful venue near good countryside and outdoor space. It, and you, exceeded all of our expectations. Soon, we’ll have a heap of photos and videos to post too.


Firstly, thanks so much to Jo Summers and Ross Fowkes for their tireless hard work in making Feral Vector happen. Without them, it would be impossible. The Birchcliffe Centre, particularly, Libby, for providing an excellent, airy, daylight flooded venue for people to talk, play and make things in. It felt like a massive breath of fresh air compared to most. Our hardware sponsor Boneloaf, Tea sponsor Sheridans, Thing sponsor Twisted Tree Games, and media partners A Maze and Ga-Ma-Yo. You all helped enormously in the run up to the event and let us do things we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. William Pugh, Dominik Johann, and Kevin Patterson for making things beautiful, trying so many event things out for the first time there, and keeping us entertained. An awful lot of you jumped in to help with things from tea making to signage and cleaning up; thank you all. We really couldn’t hope for a lovelier audience.


You can catch up with a lot of what happened over the weekend on this storify. Here too are a few things other people have done. Emily Short wrote up some of her favourite moments on her blog, Jake Tucker wrote about it for Vice, and Abi Wright made a short video about it:

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