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Feral Vector 2014: Tim Hunkin

We’re very pleased indeed that Tim Hunkin will be speaking at Feral Vector on July the 4th. Tim is an engineer and cartoonist who’s spent decades building incredible machines, sculptures, installations and things for museums, galleries, and his own Under the Pier Show. He also made a TV series in the 80’s, titled The Secret Life of Machines. It was made largely in his own garden and workshop, at a time when when risk assessments weren’t such a thing; Here are Tim and Rex doing a glorious demonstration of how a light bulb works.

Now he runs the Under The Pier Show in Southwold, which is full of home built and hacked mechanical arcade machines. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but Mobility Masterclass and My Nuke are definitely up there.

As well as the things he’s built, Tim will have something really exciting to talk about on the 4th.

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