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The bad old days, but nothing much has changed about game development. In this fly on the wall videogame studio documentary, any resemblance to Peters living or dead is entirely coincidental.

2016 Schedule

Here’s the schedule for Feral Vector 2016. Day tickets are available from ti.to, and signups for workshops and live games will go out to all ticket holders early next week.

See the note below about Tea Club, and games on show at Feral Vector will include: Flat Heroes, 29, Wrestling With Emotions, Chalo Chalo, Overcooked, Viderunt Omnes 3D (work in progress), Line Wobbler, The DOOM PIANO, The World is Flat + yogaball controller, Trawl, Reigns, and one as yet unnannounced game that may be strangely familiar yet at the same time completely and utterly life changing…

Outdoor activities (Business Year 2000 and The Wicker Jam) may be rescheduled if the weather turns bad.

Note: Thursday activities are postponed due to a train fire on the East Coast Main Line preventing people from getting here.

Thursday the 2nd:
12:00 – Open for wristband collection, games, Tea Club.
16:00 – (Workshop, postponed from 14:00) Making Cardboard Things, Dominik Johann.
15:00 – (Live Game) (POSTPONED UNTIL FRIDAY)
Business Year 2000, Adam Dixon. The Global Investors left centuries ago, but we can bring them back. We just have to be the best at doing the rituals… (Bring stout footwear and be prepared to spend time outside).
12:00 – 20:30 – Games, party.
21:00 – (Screening) Other Places, Andy Kelly

Friday the 3rd:
10:00 – Open, Tea Club, Games.
10:30 – (Talk) Henrike Lode: Games No One Wants to Make With Me
11:00 – (Talk) Alex Roberts: Building Custom Controllers
11:30 – (Talk) Amran Anjum: Our Cultures and Appropriate Appropriation
12:00 – (Talk) Katharine Neil: Tools for Game Design Thinking, and Other Heresies
12:30 – (Talk) Elizabeth Simoens: LARP, Opera and Game Design
13:00 – (Workshop) Wetgenes: Dr. Caligula’s Pirate Willy Workshop
13:00 – 15:00 – (LARP, outdoor) BUSINESS YEAR 2000
13:00 – 21:00 Games/Party
15:30 – 16:00 (Outdoor) The Wicker Jam, Jonathan Whiting: Outdoor folk game jam, with our new “No human sacrifice” guarantee!

Saturday the 4th:
10:00 – Open, Tea Club, Games.
10:30 – (Talk) himynameischuck/Tom Davison: you are all ghosts (a talk on anxiety)
11:00 – (Talk) Johnny Marshall/The Mighty Git: Spotters Guide to Fear
11:30 – (Talk) Emily Short: Narrative Design
12:00 – (Talk) William Pugh and Dominik Johann: SERIOUS
12:00 – (Workshop) Graham T. Spence: Physical Map Making
13:00 – 21:00 Games/Party

Tea Club:
We tried a new thing with Tea Club last year and will be doing it again: If you have something you’d like to give a talk on, as soon as the main talks programme is done, you can, but you have to serve people tea while you’re doing it. That’s a lot more fun than it sounds, and if you’re new to public speaking, it’s less nerve wracking than getting up on a stage.


Dr. Caligula’s Pirate Willy Workshop might be impossible to reproduce, even with the best colour photocopier. We hope you’re ready. Wetgenes will be running it at Feral Vector, and we’ll say no more for now.


DOOM! The DOOM Piano is returning to life and will be at Feral Vector. Built in 2013 with a host of designers including Sos Sosowski, George Buckenham, and Jonatan van Hove, we got quite a few accusations it was faked. It wasn’t. It’s a fully functional piano that also creates keyboard input, and runs a custom build of DOOM. Here’s a video of Martin Hollis playing it. We’re bringing it up to Yorkshire and refurbishing it. Here’s a photo of the not-durable-enough guts we put in it the first time:

DOOM Piano guts

Henrike Lode will be travelling over from Copenhagen to give an expanded version of her talk “Games No One Wants To Make With Me“. Henrike is also one of the developers behind Machineers, but has many, many other ideas for games. Such as:

“This is nipple effect. I want to make game where you’re presented with a picture of breasts that you have to identify as male or female, and if you think they’re female you have to cover the nipples with a picture of male nipples, but if you accidentally place male nipples on male breasts you lose because that’s censorship.”