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More Speakers, And Games!

Wave Trip, by Lucky Frame

We’ve been busy organising more of the programme for Bit of Alright, and are really excited about… well, all of it. As well as those already announced, we will have things by:

Lucky Frame (Game run by Jonathan Brodsky)
Glitchnap (Games run by Jonatan Van Hove)
Nat Marco, Honeyslug
Lawrie Russell, developer of Trash TV
Richard Hogg
Caspian Prince, Puppygames
Tom Betts, Big Robot

As well as games by more people! A little taste of some of this:

Glitchnap are the Nordic developers of LAZA KNITEZ!! as well as GO NUTS!!, both of which will be playable on the day. Richard Hogg, instead of a talk, will be doing Tea Club, in which he will make you tea while conducting interviews. Nat will once again be running a game design workshop; last year it was about making games with rocks, which was brill. Tom will be doing something related to Sir. I can’t yet reveal what Jonathan from Lucky Frame will be showing, but it sounds amazing and here’s a really big clue.

As well as all of that, there will be Bennett Foddy‘s QWOP 3D, Stephen Morris from Greenfly Studios running their PS Move games Quick Draw and Glowtag, and Starseed Pilgrim developer Droqen‘s new game BONUS LOOK, which is co-op, but not as you’ve known it…

Tickets are still available on Eventbrite, and we STILL have more to announce. From tomorrow, we’ll be doing daily blog posts with a bit more detail on the games and stuff people are doing.

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