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More Speakers, Things and Games

We’re excited to announce our next bunch of speakers, doers, and things: Katharine Neil! Elizabeth Simoens! Alex Roberts! Overcooked! Line Wobbler! Chalo Chalo!

Bizarre co-op kitchen sim Overcooked will be playable. Here’s a gif of some chefs in space:


Katharine Neil will be travelling over from Paris to speak. Katharine began her game development career in 1998, led the team behind the Escape from Woomera; and following her escape from AAA has worked on indie games including her own Alone in the Park and Lady Shotgun’s Buddha Finger. She also recently completed a PhD on experimental game design tools.

Alone In The Park - Katharine Neil

Engineer and game developer Alex Roberts will be showing some of her prolific custom controller work, previously exhibited at Now Play This and the National Videogame Arcade. Alex knows loads about custom controllers, from the most basic hardware hacking to how to make them robust enough for exhibitions.

Alex Roberts - Vignettes Controller

Elizabeth Simoens of Sea Sylph Games will also be there. Elizabeth is currently doing an MFA, and works in the fascinating juncture of live gaming, videogames, LARPing, and performance.

Sea Sylph Games

Also playable for the first time in the UK will be Chalo Chalo, a deeply unusual and exceptionally well designed racing game for up to eight players:

Chalo Chalo

Winning depends on your ability to quickly analyse each randomly generated course in the opening seconds. You can read more about it on their blog.

Robin Baumgarten’s Line Wobbler will be there too:

Robin Baumgarten - Line Wobbler

We can’t promise it’ll be mounted on a tree, but if the weather’s good we’ll try!

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