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The bad old days, but nothing much has changed about game development. In this fly on the wall videogame studio documentary, any resemblance to Peters living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Games Are So Much More Than An Industry

Posted on: 7 Comments

(A.K.A. fifteen minutes of David being egregiously unfair to every screenwriter he knows).

The explosion of new games and independent developers that’s been reverberating for the past seven years isn’t just an expansion of the games industry, it’s an expansion of games and game cultures.

Game development is cultural activity, and if most independent developers seem bound to suffer the poverty of authors, artists and musicians, why is so much of what they do still bound to industry?

Thousands of games funnelled every year like cattle toward a marketplace. Selling should not be the only route to an audience, but in the UK it feels like there are few alternatives. Funding for cultural projects has largely dried up, and it’s skewing games horribly towards selling over creating. This does not help us explore the expressive range of a medium.

At the same time, the myopic focus on games soley as industry stymies developers in understanding their position relative to everything else. Is it any wonder The Arts Council don’t give a fuck about games, given how highly trained we are to think and talk of them as products?